Who uses payday loans and loans online

Many more applications for quick internet loans are completed by ladies. 58% of all clients are women, which shows that it is women who increasingly manage their home finances. aldtzsb.com has more notes

Women as shopping specialists have already got used to the possibilities offered by the Internet – they first compare offers and then choose the one that best suits their requirements.

Borrowers getting younger

Borrowers getting younger

The chart showing the age of borrowers can be amazing for many. As many as 71% of customers are between 18 and 35 years old. Young, educated people wanting to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their needs are looking for quick access to additional funds.

They don’t want to wait in queues at banks to report more documents. Only applications that can be completed completely online that specify clear contract terms become valuable to them.

We start the week with a loan

We start the week with a loan

On Monday, most clients of loan companies compare offers and complete applications for payday loans. The number of visitors to the portal decreases as the weekend awaits.

The 10% difference between Monday and Sunday shows that financial matters are not a priority for us during rest.

Mobile borrowers

Mobile borrowers

The type of browser and devices used by Internet users comparing the offers of loan companies also indicate that they are young, educated people, willing to use new technologies. Only 5% of all customers are people using the internet explorer browser, while as many as 51% are google chrome users, i.e. people who follow trends in the virtual world.

Users comparing the offer of loan companies on their phones are still a minority, however, each day they are increasing. Currently, they constitute 24% of the total. Certainly, the increasing availability and more favorable offers of operators who propose cellular interest as standard.

Where do we borrow and what do we decide on

payday loan

The vast majority of us, as much as 67%, decide to apply for short-term payday pay. An installment loan offers appeared on the market relatively recently and some customers have not yet managed to use them.

The data presented in the infographic only confirm the rankings prepared by finance specialists Tormes.

Data published by Tormes sheds new light on loan companies. They are not older people, prone to manipulation, but young people aware of their rights use the services of non-bank institutions.